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As a homebuyer, knowing how supply and demand impact your home’s purchase price will help you understand current and future […]
Getting pre-approved is a surefire way to know how much home you can afford. Many borrowers look to the pre-approval as a guidepost to begin their home search.
What Goes into a Credit Score?  Your credit score is made up of five factors that creditors look at to […]
Every couple is unique and so are their finances. If you’re considering merging your finances, there is important information to consider […]
Even though it has been over 50 years since the Fair Housing Act was passed, Black homeownership rates have only […]
The big question when it comes to buying your first or next home: how much home can I afford? There […]
The Federal Reserve (the Fed) announced plans to start incrementally increasing the FED fund rate throughout 2022.  What Does That […]
Fannie Mae announced it will be issuing a rate increase for second home and high-balance loans this spring. That means that soon, rates for a second home or […]
Data Privacy Week is celebrated to raise awareness about the ways hackers make attempts to steal data online or otherwise. […]
Whether you’ve been living with family or renting with roommates, becoming a homeowner is a huge stepping stone in anyone’s […]

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