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Gain valuable insights into the impact of supply and demand on housing prices. Understand the market trends and make informed decisions as a buyer.
Getting pre-approved is a surefire way to know how much home you can afford. Many borrowers look to the pre-approval as a guidepost to begin their home search.
Discover credit education basics, including factors influencing your credit score, benefits of a high score, and tips to build credit. Get essential insights for managing your credit effectively.
Every couple is unique and so are their finances. If you’re considering merging your finances, there is important information to consider […]
Even though it has been over 50 years since the Fair Housing Act was passed, Black homeownership rates have only […]
The big question when it comes to buying your first or next home: how much home can I afford? There […]
The Federal Reserve (the Fed) announced plans to start incrementally increasing the FED fund rate throughout 2022.  What Does That […]
Fannie Mae announced it will be issuing a rate increase for second home and high-balance loans this spring. That means that soon, rates for a second home or […]
Data Privacy Week is celebrated to raise awareness about the ways hackers make attempts to steal data online or otherwise. […]