Keeping the kids entertained all day every day can get pretty draining after months and months of the same old same old. The temptation to stick a TV in front of your toddler is always there, but we know you might be seeking something more engaging. Check out these five simple ideas to keep the family engaged:

All Types of Games

You don’t need a fancy system to play some really cool games with the family. There are lots of free or low-cost options online to play with your family in-person or even invite people from around the world. For example, you can get a Jackbox Games party pack for you SmartTV or computer for under $25 – there are options for the whole family!

Even old board games can be exciting with some creativity. Think of something you used to play as a kid that you loved. The kids would probably love to learn something new, too.

Get Cooking

Teach the kids some of your family’s time-tested recipes or whip up something you’ve never tried before. Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra time getting the presentation right — then share photos online.

Baking has been all the rage this quarantine. Try your hand at baking fun-shaped bread or even a fancy brie wheel. The possibilities are endless!

Home Makeover

Lots of people are taking the time to finish those long overdue projects: cleaning out closets, organizing cupboards, or doing any minor repairs. Hardware stores and nurseries are open now. You can easily improve your curb appeal by starting a garden or a crisp new coat of paint.

Get the kids involved any way you can, perhaps even by incentivizing with a small reward for each project completed. You can also get them excited by having them take the creative lead on projects in their bedroom or play space.

Get Crafty

There are tons of low-cost creative activities your family can do together: painting, drawing, folding origami or even molding clay.

Airbnb offers virtual experiences that are fun for all ages. You can follow along with a paint and sip, be led through a pottery class, or watch a folding pro make some incredible origami.

Top Hits in Entertainment

There are plenty of sites you can join to stream podcasts, music, audiobooks, or movies for free. This can be a great way to share an old favorite with the family or discover something new together.

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